Your pool’s chlorine levels are constantly dropping due to weather and swimmers leaving skin cells, bacteria, grease, and more. You can only add so much chlorine to your pool before you over chlorinate it and it is unsafe to swim in. So how can you combat this? Our Multi-Purpose shock is perfect for weekly use to kill bacteria, prevent algae, and boost the chlorine levels in your water.

“Sunguard pool shock continues to be my go-to pool shock, as it’s reliably keeping my pool chemistry where it needs to be at all times. My 25,000 gallon pool requires only 4-6 scoops a week, so this bucket lasts me well into the pool season. I also never experience cloudy water after shocking which is a huge game changer for me. Great product!”

Chloe Ahlum  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Our Pool shock works efficiently and dissolves before it hits the bottom of your pool. Avoid cloudy water, long-dissolving shock, and collection of chemicals on your pool floor when you purchase Sunguard.

Safe for Skin

Sunguard chemicals are made with the end consumer in mind. Unlike other pool shock providers, by using our chemicals you avoid itchy/dry skin, chemical burns, watery eyes, and hair follicle damage. You can swim in your pool just 30 minutes after shocking.


Other than increasing the chlorine levels in your pool, Sunguard shock has other useful functionalities. You can use it for a powerful sanitization, preventing algae growth, preventing cloudy water after mother nature strikes, and more!

DESTROY Algae, Chloramines, and Bacteria NOT your Skin Cells.


  • Natural Salts: Our chemical formula contains natural epsom salts, which makes the water safe and soft against your skin. It also prevents dry skin and killing of hair follicles. 
  • Built in UV Protection: Our pool shock is made to last, even under the harshest weather. We use a special stabilizing agent to protect it from getting quickly dissolved by the sun.
  • Quick Dissolve: Works immediately on impact with water, and starts rapidly dissolving. This helps keep the clarity of your water consistent, even after a treatment.
  • 2x as Powerful: With only one pound of Sunguard shock, you are able to treat 17,500 gallons – over 50% more than regular calcium hypochlorite on the market.





Sunguard Pool Shock can be used in any type of pool, so we created 3 conveinant sizes to go along with it; 10 lbs, 25 lbs, and 50 lbs.

Safe to use on vinyl, fiberglass, liners, concrete (Wet Shotcrete or Gunite), and ALL above ground pools.


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pool shock

Joe Fusco

5 star rated

Normally 4-6 scoops from my regular shock provider would bring the water up to a normal chlorine level – for Sunguard, this would push it over the top. I always had to mix my shock with about 4 gallons of warm water in a 5 gallon bucket before spreading. This shock mixes up very nicely and doesn’t turn the water to a milky white, broadcasts evenly with no left over pellets.

Sunguard Pool Shock

Lucy Hernandez

5 star rated

This is by far the best shock I have used, no other product can match the value for the money. This product is amazing during extreme weather and the scorching heat we have here down South. My prior experiences with pool shock weren’t very good, often clouding my water and turning out to be innefective. However, only a little bit of this shock controls my chlorine levels and algae growth very well.

Sunguard Pool Shock

Audrey Mahr

5 star rated

I wish I had a before picture to compare with the after. We went away for a few days and forgot to treat the pool first. We came back to a pool that was completely green. I have an in-ground pool and I routinely added Sunguard shock for two days. To my surprise, my wife and I saw crystal clear water again in only 48 hours, it was a Miracle. It worked extremely well in clearing up our pool. Amazing!!!!!!!


Why do I need it?

Many factors work against the cleanliness of your pool. Sunlight breaks down the chlorine, causing the water to lose up to 5 ppm of chlorine in one sunny afternoon. Swimmers unintentionally release bacteria and contaminants like sweat, makeup and sunscreen. And storms can bring dust, pollen, leaves and algae spores. Shocking is one of the best ways to protect your pool water and keep it crystal clear.

When should I shock my pool?

In ideal circumstances, shocking your pool once a week with 3-5 scoops will keep it looking clean and clear, but heavy rainfall, signs of algae, heavy use or long periods of sunny weather may require more frequent treatment. You can shock your pool at anytime of the day thanks to our UV stabilizing agent. A testing kit is recommended for measuring the chemical levels of your pool.

Can shock get rid of Algae in my pool?

Yes, our multi-purpose shock can get the job done! First start off with brushing the floor and walls of your pool to loosen the algae and break down the cells’ outer membrane. This will allow the Sunguard shock to penetrate through the algae cells. Next, apply proper dosing of pool shock, found on the back of the bucket. After 24 hours, use a Sunguard algaecide to treat the effected area, then brush the pool again. Keep the pump running overnight and continue to use the algaecide once a week to prevent future growth.

Is this product good for spots and stains on bottom of vinyl liner pool (inground)?

Yes, the Sunguard Pool shock may be applied to any pool style and size.

Does this have a stabilizer?

Yes, the Sunguard Pool shock treatment contains a special UV stabilizer. This allows for the chemical to withstand and slowly dissolve even in extremely hot weather.

Can I use this for my salt water pool?

Yes, this product is compatible with above ground salt pools, just make sure that the water is balanced before adding the product.

It this product safe for above ground pools?

You can use smaller doses according to the size of your pool. 1 lb treats up to 17,500 gallons. Keep this ratio in mind when shocking a pool.

What's the shelf life of pool shock?

Our product is able to be stored for 6-8 years. As long as you keep the air tight lid on at all times and don’t let any water in, your pool shock will be fresh and effective for a very long time.

How long after shocking can I swim?


Wait  30 minutes per pound of product added and then test the water. This product raises your chlorine higher than the safe swimming range of 1-4 ppm, so after that 30 minutes per pound you need to wait until the chlorine is back down within the safe swimming range before getting into the water.

What is the % of Calcium Hypoclorite?

72% about 1/3 higher than the leading competitors in our space.

Can this shock be used in a hot tub?

No, this is strictly for inground, above ground, and blow up pools. Use accordingly.

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