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Pool Acid Wash

Royal Pool Service, following all the proper safety precautions, can efficiently acid wash your inground swimming pool with minimal damage done to the pool interior surface. We can only offer this pool acid wash service to pool owners with an inground concrete pool.


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Pool acid wash for a residential swimming pool

A swimming pool acid wash is usually a last resort when a combination of vacuuming and brushing just can’t fully cleanse your swimming pool. Acid Washes are good at fully sanitizing your pool water and getting rid of those stains on your pool floor and walls.

DISCLAIMER: Acid washes are dangerous! The chemicals used to complete a swimming pool acid wash can be extremely harmful to humans and even your pool water. Make sure to consult with a professional, 610-574-8501, on the exact steps and precautions you need to take to keep you and your pool safe.

What is a swimming pool acid wash?

A swimming pool acid wash is not just a simple surface clean. It uses powerful substances along with brushing techniques to essentially peel back a very thin layer of your pool’s interior surface coating. Since this area is usually made with concrete, the acid is strong enough to evaporate and erases any stains caused by leaves, debris, chemicals, algae, or minerals and uncovers a freshly cleansed layer that was hiding underneath. Don’t worry, to most people this sounds extremely alarming, but we can reassure you this is a common practice for pools that are plagued with un-erasable stains. Most pool interior surfaces are AT LEAST 1/2 an inch thick and the acid only takes a very small fraction of it away.

Due to the power of the acid, a swimming pool acid wash should only be done on concrete in-ground pools or gunite pools.

When should I acid wash my pool?

Unfortunately, every swimming pool suffers from aging, no matter how well kept it is. Every season the chemicals, debris, stagnation, and weather will slightly damage your plaster interior surface. But at some point, you will realize that your general cleaning isn’t getting rid of distinct stains throughout your pool. A swimming pool acid wash is a viable option to combat this but it should NOT be done every season. Every 5 years or so is an acceptable time frame so you don’t completely wear away your pool coating.

Safety when dealing with acid

This is an extremely dangerous job without the proper safety training and equipment. Precautions must be carefully followed to avoid injuries. Royal Pool service has an effective 10 step swimming pool acid wash process that we have mastered over years of experience. Sure this is something you can take care of yourself, but do you really want to do it yourself? Probably not, hire a professional to do the job and get results in a safe and efficient manner.

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