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Pool Cleaning Service

Let us do the hard work of maintaining all of your pool needs with the best pool cleaning service in the Montgomery County, PA area. We will skim, vacuum, brush, and insert the required amount of chemicals into your swimming pool on a weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. When you schedule a pool cleaning service with Royal Pool Service, you can rest assured your swimming pool will be spotless.


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Royal pool service can keep your pool tidy

Maintaining your pool is much more than just catching the debris on the surface and floor of your pool. It is very important that your water chemistry is stable so various microorganisms and bacteria don’t make their way into your pool. If your water is kept unclean for long periods of time, it may break down your pool pump and pool filter, cause cloudy water, cause health problems, rank odors, and more. Contact us today for our expertise in pool care so you will never have to worry about your pool water chemistry and dirt build-up.

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What is included in our pool cleaning service?

We clean and maintain swimming pools for residential pool owners in the Pennsylvania area so they don’t have to. Our service starts off with the skimming of any debris on the surface of your swimming pool. Then, depending on the severity of the debris on your pool floor we will use your system or our heavy-duty pump to vacuum all of the dirt and debris on the floor and walls of your pool. Next, we clean out your pool pump, pool filter, and skimmer baskets making sure your entire pool system is running efficiently. Finally, we check the chemical levels of your pool and insert the necessary chemicals to stable your pool water chemistry for a clean, safe, and enjoyable swim.

Our pool cleaning service packages:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Monthly

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