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Pool Closing Service

Royal Pool Service has the best tools and chemicals to properly close your pool for the winter months. When you schedule a pool closing service, you can rest assured your swimming pool will be secure for the winter and in pristine condition for the summer.


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Royal Pool Service will save you money with a proper pool closing

When you go into your pool that very last time and decide the water is too cold to tolerate, you can call Royal Pool Service to ensure a successful pool closing service. There are many steps in closing a pool that have to be done with minimal error. We advise using our team of expert pool service technicians to avoid high repair costs and shorten the amount of maintenance time needed before using your swimming pool!

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What is included in our Pool Closing Service?

We’ve closed thousands of swimming pools and mastered the most effective and innovative techniques in performing a successful pool closing service. We offer a fantastic closing package that includes disassembling the pool system and De-Winterizing the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Winterization:

  • Lower your pool water below Tiles
  • Collect all leaves and debris from the surface & bottom of the pool to prevent stains
  • Blow water from your filter, pumps, heater, and piping
  • Secure the pipes with plugs so water doesn’t seep into them
  • Blow and air-lock bottom drains
  • Remove all drain plugs from the pump, filter, heater, and chlorinator
  • Remove ladders, handrails, diving board and store them in a safe location
  • Remove skimmer baskets & automatic cleaner, also stored safely
  • Freeze protect your skimmer with Anti-Freeze Bottle (A regular chemical bottle that fits in your skimmer 3/4 filled with water will do)
  • Disassemble pool pump motor and store
  • Shut off the gas supply to your pool’s heater
  • Thorough Cleaning of pool filters (backwash sand or DE filter and rinse off DE filter elements or cartridge filter)

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It’s time to put that pool cover on!

After a long, warm, and successful summer season, there comes a time where pool owners must think about closing their swimming pool. A pool closing service is necessary in areas where there is seasonal change.

Our pool service technicians can easily winterize your in-ground pool by thoroughly evaluating your pool’s underground lines, water-line levels, mechanical equipment, and more to ensure that your pool is ready for seasonal changes.

If your swimming pool is in need of pool cover repairs or requires a completely new one, Royal Pool Service provides superior cover installations to protect your pool all year round. From chemical enhancements to extend the life of your cover to durable cover patches for holes, we have it all.

pool winterizing kit

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A good pool closing service goes hand in hand with a good pool closing kit. You don’t have to waste time & money trying to choose the best individual pool chemicals to properly preserve your pool water during the winter.

Whether you take of your pool cover yourself, or you let a pool service company do it, you will need pool winter closing chemicals.

Royal Pool Service provides you with 3 proven start up chemicals that work to sanitize water during entire winter, prevent algae from growing on walls, and prevent stains from forming when your cover is on.

Why Should I close my Pool?

Closing your pool protects it from the rapid seasonal change that many of the counties near Montgomery County, PA experience. If you don’t have a pool cover for these cold harsh weather conditions, you run the risk of pool tile damage, underground pipes bursting due to water freezing, stains on pool walls and floor, and contaminated/unsafe water.

These mistakes can cost the pool owner thousands of dollars for unnecessary mistakes. Choose Royal Pool Service to get the job done right the first time.

Where do we service?

We service swimming pool owners all across the following areas:

  • Montgomery County pa
  • Philadelphia pa
  • Delaware County pa
  • Bucks County pa
  • Chester County pa
  • Berks County pa
  • Lehigh County pa

Don’t see your county on the list, don’t worry we may still be able to assist you with your pool. Give us a call at (610) 574-8501 or shoot us an email at and we will help you with your problem, virtually or in person!

Need help with your Pool Closing Service?

If you would like help with learning how to properly close your pool for the winter, give Royal Pool Service a call and we would be happy to have one of our trained and friendly pool service technicians pay you a visit. Our technicians are available to help with many pool services, including winterizing your pipes, installing a winter or safety cover, providing chemical closing kits, and more. We are here to help prepare your pool for the cold winters in Montgomery County, PA. Call us at (610) 574-8501 to solve your pool problems.

Experienced Pool Opening Service Company

Royal Pool Service was founded in 2006 servicing thousands of residential pools & spas throughout the Philadelphia area. We are a family-owned business offering various services and supplies in the pool industry.

Our core value lies in simply making our customers happy. With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can bet our team will get it right the first time.

Start your pool season with the right pool care and pool equipment. Other than our services, we provide chemicals, hardware, pool parts, covers, and more. Contact us today!

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