Best Propane & Gas Pool Heater Installation in Southeastern PA.

New Gas Heater Installation/Replacement Proposal.


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Best Propane & Gas Pool Heater Installation in Southeastern PA.

New Gas Heater Installation/Replacement Proposal.


Schedule Your Propane or Gas Pool Heater Installation Today.

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Deciding on Installing a New Pool Heater or Thinking About Replacing Your Old One?

A pool heater is an excellent way to extend your pool season and have warm, enjoyable pool water whenever you want! While there are many pool heaters to choose from, Royal Pool Service only offers propane and gas pool heater installations.

If you are a residential pool owner in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we believe that natural gas is still the most efficient way of heating up your pool. It’s cost-effective and burns very quickly so you aren’t waiting hours for your pool to get to a tolerable temperature.

Several factors can determine how much a new pool heater installation will cost, but the size and type of the pool heater you purchase will have the largest impact. Our expert pool service technicians at Royal Pool Services will help you narrow down the best pool heater installation for your Southeastern Pennsylvania swimming pool.

Here are some common questions customers ask before moving forward with the installation process:

What’s included in a pool heater installation?

A Pool Heater Installation consists of us choosing an optimal spot for where your new pool heater would go and placing it on a flat surface. Installing the gas line to the pool heater with prior approval from a qualified inspector. And finally, plumbing the pool heater to your pool system and ensuring the heater works properly.

Pool heater installation cost?

The RayPak Electronic Digital Natural Gas Pool Heaters cost around $2,000 to $3,500 dollars. The price is dependent on how powerful or how quickly your pool heater can raise the temperature of your pool water. For gas pool heater installations in Southeastern Pennsylvania, labor can run anywhere from $700-$1500. It’s risky business!

What kind of pool heater do we install?

Royal Pool Service installs natural gas pool heaters from a trusted brand that we have been working with for over 10+ years. We install Raypak Natural Gas Pool Heaters because they boast an easy-to-use digital interface, innovative inner technology, and a long-lasting (weatherproof) shell encasing. These pool heaters are well worth the investment and are known to last for 7+ years.

Pool Heater Installation Diagram

Here is a closer look at some of the features that the Raypak Digital Natural Gas Heater offers, including the infamous ProTek Sheild.

raypak digital gas heater diagram
side view of raypak digital gas heater

Royal Pool Service installs Raypak Natural Gas Pool Heaters with 266K BTU, 306k BTU, 366k BTU, and 406k BTU. We will recommend the most efficient pool heater size for your swimming pool.

Can I install my own pool heater?

Anytime you are working with natural gas or propane, it is extremely important to take proper safety precautions before you start a project. While it may be tempting to try and install a pool heater by yourself, we recommend that a natural gas pool heater installation should be done by an experienced company such as Royal Pool Service.

What are different ways to heat a pool?

In Southeastern Pennsylvania, the pool season usually lasts around 6-7 months. Towards September and October, your pool water will be unpleasent on some days. While we recommend using natural gas heaters to warm your pool water, there are some alternatives. Here are the four most energy-efficient pool heaters you can install.

  • Natural Gas pool heater installation
  • Propane pool heater installation
  • Solar pool heater installation
  • Pool heat pump installation

How long does it take to install a pool heater?

A Pool heater installation will take around 2-4 hours of work. This is all dependent on your pool size and the complexity of your pool system pipes. A full pool heater installation consisting of creating a flat surface near your pool system, installing the gas line, and plumbing the heater can be completed within one day. 

Schedule a Comprehensive Pool Heater Installation For Your Swimming Pool Near Southeastern PA.

Considering upgrading your swimming experience with a new pool heater installation? Or maybe you want to replace your old pool heater with a new one? Or maybe you just want to convert your propane pool heater to a gas pool heater? Whatever the required service is, Royal Pool Service is the trusted name in Southeastern Pennsylvania for pool heater installations and replacements near you.

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