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Pool Repair

Royal Pool Service has the equipment to repair anything from a loose tile to completely replacing your pool system. If you have a pool, at some point, you will need to repair or restore some of your pool products and hardware.


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Royal Pool Service has answers to equipment failures.

Your Swimming pool is a valuable investment in your home. Hiring a professional pool repair company when the pool system or pool equipment stops working is a good way to protect that investment. We solve big problems and small problems that have to do with your pool. With a pool repair, you also have an opportunity to upgrade your pool’s look and functionality with new features, composites, and equipment. We are aware that pool equipment can be expensive so our goal is to extend the life of your equipment before guiding you to purchase a new one. Anything from a filter or pump repair to an entire system renewal, Royal Pool Service can assist with all of your pool repair needs.

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Pool heater repair 

No matter where you live, having a pool heater is a must. It gives you the power to adjust the temperature of your pool to comfortable levels that will allow the whole family to participate during those cold days. Having a pool heater also helps extend the duration of your pool season and protects your pool from winter damages. With this great power, comes great complexity and heaters are the one piece of hardware that is often overlooked. We have worked with name-brand heaters such as Raypak, Hayward, and Pentair pool heaters for over 15 years. We tackle the most complex heater problems down to the most simple ones, but we always find the solution. 

Pool pump repair 

As the heart of your pool system, your pool pump is responsible for keeping your swimming pool clean and functional. As time passes, you might begin to hear strange noises from your pool pump and decreased efficiency. Now, this might stem from a lot of problems but it is also important to recognize the difference between a broken pool pump or a broken pool pump motor. Royal Pool Service has the tools and expertise to pick apart your pool motor and potentially replace individual parts instead of replacing the entire pump which can cost up to 4 times more than just replacing the motor. 

Pool leak repair 

Even the smallest pool leaks can be catastrophic to your property. It can cost you thousands of dollars on your water bill and damage the land around your pool. It is necessary to get them fixed as soon as possible to avoid these problems. Swimming pool leaks can be caused by many things, but they could even be within your underground pipes. Don’t drive yourself crazy looking for the leak yourself, hire Royal Pool Service to come and easily detect and fix your pool leak. 

Pool tile repair  

If you close your pool for the winter, you might find that a few tiles have fallen off during your spring pool opening. Don’t worry too much, this is common for pools with some age behind them. Although it’s common, it doesn’t look very appealing and it would be a good idea to fix them. Royal Pool Service can fix multiple fallen tiles and even put a coat of protection on your existing tiles to give that extra strength throughout the winter.  

Pool cover repair 

Pool covers can suffer lots of damage from heavy snow, branches and debris falling, and animal accidents. Depending on the age of your pool cover, extent of the damages, and the wanted method of repair, Royal Pool Service what the best plan of action is to repair your pool cover. Oftentimes, we can use various patches and liquid cover strengtheners to solve small rips and tears. If these solutions do not work, we can always advise you to get a new, more durable pool cover for the upcoming winter season.

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