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Royal Pool Service specializes in various pool services throughout the Allentown PA area. We do this so pool owners can take the guessing out of pool maintenance and minimize chemical/hardware costs by coming up with a unique weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly pool maintenance plan for your pool. Our job is to make sure your swimming pool is working efficiently and looks crystal clear all season long.

You can turn to us if you are unsure what chemicals you need, how often you should put them in, what the best cleaning methods are, and how to operate your pool system. Don’t overspend on your swimming pool bills, many people will over shock or run their pool system for too long, losing hundreds of dollars a season in the process. If your pool system is properly optimized for your pool’s needs, you will save money on your electric, hardware, and chemical bill. 

So how do we do this? The short answer is our 16+ years of pool service in Allentown PA. We constantly stay up to date by adjusting to the most efficient methods of pool servicing and pool maintenance. After a proper analysis of your swimming pool, we will know the exact requirements for your pool to run in the most cost-efficient manner and stay clean for the entire season. 

Here’s The Deal

Pool service parts, chemicals, hardware, and maintenance practices are constantly changing due to more efficient products and the changing of seasons. What worked for your swimming pool last season, might not work for you during the current season. 

Our job as one of the top pool service companies in Allentown, Pennsylvania is to determine the best maintenance plan for the current pool season and keep up with the changes of this rapidly moving industry. We are constantly communicating with our suppliers and partner companies to come up with the best solutions for our clients.

Ultimately, our focus is to minimize pool maintenance costs while maximizing the efficiency of your pool system. Choosing us as your pool service company means making an investment in one of the biggest assets in your home, your swimming pool.

Local Experience Matters

Consistency is key when it comes to pool service. You can do everything else right, but if you are not in a consistent cycle with cleaning and inserting chemicals, you’re not going to get very good results in balancing your water chemistry levels.

We’ve been in the business so long that pool care is second nature to us. After we dissect how your pool works and what you have tried before, we will be able to draft the best set of working pool service techniques for your inground swimming pool in Allentown pa. Working with Royal Pool Service for your swimming pool maintenance means worrying less about rising pool costs and worrying more about what bathing suit you should wear. We take care of everything about your swimming pool so you don’t have to. 

Pool Service company

Contact the best pool service company in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We specialize in pool maintenance and working with pool owners to combat high pool costs by maximizing efficiency. It doesn’t stop there though, we offer various different pool services such as pool openings, pool closings, pool hardware installations, pool acid washes, salt SystemCare, pool repair, and so much more! Along with these services we offer various pool chemicals, appliances, and convenient kits. 

What’s The Real Story?

Pool service isn’t just about how clear your pool water is. There are tons of underlying factors that could make even the clearest of water unsafe to swim in. It’s also about your pool chemistry and how well your pool system operates during the changes of seasons. For example, if you don’t have proper water flow throughout your pool, stagnation can cause stains and erosion of your pool walls and floor. We can point you in the right direction or make changes to your current maintenance plan to ensure this won’t happen. The end result will be a sparkling clean pool.

Why Hire Our Pool Service Company?

When you choose Royal Pool Service as your go-to pool service company, you are choosing to successfully maintain your investment in your swimming pool. With our local pool maintenance expertise and experience, we can make the most of our swimming pool by lowering costs and increasing efficiency. No matter how early or late you open and close your swimming pool, we will make sure that those few months in between will be your best and most worry-free swimming experience yet.

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