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Best Pool Service in Montgomery County PA

When working with Royal Pool Service & our team of expert pool service technicians, you can ensure your swimming pool will be in good hands all season long. 

Let’s be honest maintaining a swimming pool isn’t easy, and if you’re in Montgomery County PA the rapid seasonal change doesn’t help. Not having a set pool service & chemical plan can lead to extremely high maintenance costs due to constant fluctuating temperatures. Royal Pool Service has been providing expert solutions & pool services for residential pool owners in Montgomery County PA for over 14 years. Take advantage and work with a pool service company that will get it done the first time.

Pool Cleaning Service

A pool cleaning service is one of the best ways to keep your water clean and your water chemistry levels consistent. Our pool service company offers a wide variety of pool maintenance plans to best suit any swimming pool, and any lifestyle. Whether you are interested in routine pool cleanings or would also like to add chemical treatments, Royal Pool Service has the perfect pool service package for your Montgomery County PA swimming pool. Here are some of the pool cleaning service options we offer.

pool net & pool brush
  • Pool floor and walls vacuum
  • Collection of leaves and debris on surface
  • Cleaning Filter cartridges
  • Emptying skimmer baskets
  • Water chemistry check
  • Pool chemical treatment
  • Equipment operations inspection
  • Pool filter backwash

Read more about our Weekly/Bi-Weekly pool cleaning service packages.

Pool Opening Service

A pool opening service marks the start of a long & worry-free pool season, for most people at-least… If a pool isn’t opened properly it could potentially cause damage to the pool walls or system, costing you a fortune to fix it all.

Royal Pool Service has created a step by step plan for our pool service technicians to ensure a successful pool opening service 10/10 times. We have gathered the best and newest tools along with effective chemical start up kits to get the job done.

Whether you are looking to open your pool or purchase start up chemicals, Royal Pool Service has you covered every step of the way.

Swimming Pool portfolio

You may have not met us yet, but chances are you know someone with a swimming pool in the Montgomery County PA area that we serviced. We’ve been in business since 2006, servicing thousands of residential swimming pools. We don’t want to overwhelm you with all of our projects, but here are some of our highlights.

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Pool Closing

“And it’s closing time.” It’s sad to see your beautiful swimming pool covered by a pool cover, but sadly, winter weather doesn’t care. Closing your pool properly is very important for the upcoming swim season.

If you have yet to winterize your inground pool, you run the risk of your pool cracking, leaking or other expensive damages can take place

To avoid having to pay costly repairs or impacting how quickly you can use your pool when it comes time to reopen again, it’s recommended to hire a professional swimming pool company to perform quality pool closing services. Along with our expertise we have a selection of pool closing kits at your ready.


Pool Repair

Like people, pools and their systems tend to age. Whether it’s a minor or major problem,  Royal Pool Service can deal with the issue quickly, efficiently, and with your pool costs in mind.

We have access to newest and most innovative pool parts and appliances on the market. Some of our popular main brands we work with are, Pentair, Hayward, Raypak, and more.

Royal Pool Service has been providing residential pool services, such as repairing and upgrading residential pools, to homeowners throughout Montgomery County Pennsylvania for over 14 years

Pool Covers

We offer many services related to pool covers, including ordering a cover, installing a cover, or renewing an old cover. Winter in Montgomery County PA can be harsh, and the only way for you pool to survive is by having a good winter pool cover. Check out some of our options to get the best fit pool cover for your swimming pool.

Order a Pool Cover

We can re-make your old cover exactly how you had it! Royal Pool Service offers a high tech solution to match exact measurement of a pool cover when making a new one. Get an identical or different cover by clicking below.

Install a Pool cover

You just got a brand new cover, now what… Royal Pool Service can install your pool cover for you. We specialize in matching up anchor to spring with precise meaurements.

Renew a pool cover

If you start to see any type of minor wear and tear, let Royal Pool Service come out and provide superior pool cover patches. Made from the highest quality materials, you can ensure your pool will be 100% ready for any season.


pool service experience
Pool Service & Repair

Experienced Pool Service Company

Royal Pool Service was founded in 2006 servicing thousands of residential pools & spas throughout Montgomery County, PA for over 14 years. We are a family owned business offering extensive knowledge on swimming pool care, quality pool service, and various pool supplies & chemicals.

It’s our goal to enhance the swimming experience of every pool owner in Montgomery County, PA. Royal Pool Service’s core values lie on simply making the customer happy. With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can bet our pool service will be done right the first time.

We understand the high costs and constant management associated with owning a swimming pool, that’s why Royal Pool Service is first in line to adapt cheaper and more efficient pool service techniques. We’ve seen the best pool equipment become almost useless in a matter of years. Our business provides dynamic services so we can quickly shift our services if a more prominent product or service hits the market in no time.

Royal Pool Service provides residential pool services to the following areas:

  • Montgomery County, PA
  • Deleware County, PA
  • Philadelphia, PA

Are you ready to take your residential swimming pool to the next level? Royal Pool Service is your one-stop shop for all in-ground pool services and pool supplies! Schedule a pool service with a company that cares by calling (610) 574-8501 or reaching us by email at

Essential Pool Chemical Kits

Combat all pool wall/floor stains and roughness.

Pool Opening Kit – Disinfect and clear up water

Salt Water Swimming Pool Test Kit

Salt Water Pool Maintenance kit – Weekly

What’s included?

  • 3-1 Stain, Rust and Scale Control Plus
  • Algae Control Plus
  • Sunburst™ MultiShock
  • Water sample bottle
  • Pool care guide

What’s included?

  • Stain & Scale away
  • Filter Aid Plus Tablets
  • Stain Treatment Guide

What’s included?

  • Stain prevention
  • pH balance
  • Protect generator cells
  • Replenishes lost salt in pools

What’s included?

  • Sunburst Fast Shock – control algae
  • Salt System UV Defense
  • Salt System Mineral and Scale Control
  • Salt System Cell Cleaner
  • Oil residue life extension

Feel Those Fingers Tingling? Work with a team of expert pool service technicians.