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Signs of a Leaking Pool and the Dangers of Not Fixing it.

Signs of a Leaking Pool

How do I know if my pool is leaking?

Taking a dip in the swimming pool is the easiest and the most enjoyable way to get some respite from the scorching summer heat. Pool owners agree that their swimming pools see constant use during the warm months. Swimming pool ownership comes with various responsibilities and commitments. Regular pool maintenance and cleaning are critical to extend the life of the swimming pool and enjoy its benefits for a long time.

However, all pools develop issues at some point. If the swimming pool keeps losing water or the water level appears lower than usual, it requires attention as it may indicate a leak. It is not unusual for a swimming pool to lose some water due to evaporation—especially during the summers—or water splashed by the kids. But if it is constantly seeing lower than the usual water level, there is a chance that your pool is leaking.  

Dangers of a Pool Leak

A leaking pool can harm the landscape, cause structural damages, create pump motor issues, and lead to a rise in chemical demand. It is crucial not to ignore leaks and hire a pool service company to fix them as soon as possible.

Here are some warning signs that tell that the pool is leaking:

Lower water levels

One of the clearest and the most obvious signs of a leaking pool is water loss. Evaporation amounts to one-quarter to one-half inch of water loss in a day, or two inches in a week. Splashing and regular pool use also lead to water loss. However, it is inconsistent. A consistent drop in water level or addition of more than two inches of water to the pool every week signifies a leak in the walls, system, or at the bottom of the pool. 

Increase in utility bills

A significant increase in pool water consumption, a constantly running autofill device, or a considerable spike in the water and electricity bills are some of the symptoms of a leaking pool. Even a tiny hole somewhere in the swimming pool causes a weekly loss of hundreds of gallons of water. Ignoring or failing to notice a leak for too long can severely damage the pool structure and the property.

Water puddles around the pool

If there are excessive water or wet spots in the yard or around the pool area, or mushy or uneven grass growth, it may indicate an underground plumbing leak. If not fixed, these leaks eventually lead to flooding and a host of other issues. The underground water movement can cause soil erosion, making the landscaping shift. The soil particles can also enter the pool through the leak, affecting the pool water color and visibility.

A constant change in chemical levels

Constant and unexplained changes in chemical levels in the pool are a sign of a leak. When water leaks from the swimming pool, it also carries the dissolved chemicals out of the pool, making it tough to maintain a steady chemical composition. If there is a fluctuation in chemical levels, it is essential to detect and repair the leak to prevent further damage.

Algae growth

Chemical imbalance in the pool is conducive for the algae to thrive. Excessive algae growth that turns the pool water green in a short duration indicates a leak. Green swimming pools are unhygienic and unhealthy for swimming and require a quick repair.


Cracks in the tile walls, concrete, bond beam, and other areas in and around the pool or loose or falling tile may point to a leak. These damages can happen due to the unsettling of the pool’s surrounding ground. 

Equipment leaks

Water can leak due to cracks in pool equipment like hose, impeller, light fixtures, pump seals, plumbing system, and filters. Standing water or wet spots under the equipment are signs of a leaking pool. Visual inspection is a simple way to detect equipment leaks. 

Pool leaks are grave and require immediate attention from the experts. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above or suspect a potential leak, call a professional pool service company to diagnose and repair a leaking pool.

About the author: – This article is written by Brett Galusha, founder of Serenity Pool Pros- top rated pool cleaning company in Gilbert.

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  1. It really helped when you talked about pool leaks and how they could lead to structural damages! Recently, my wife and I moved into another house, and it came with a swimming pool! We’re very excited to start hosting amazing pool parties, but first, we’ll be sure to get it inspected by a professional. Thanks for the advice on why we must fix any pool leak as soon as possible!

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      Hey Eli, no problem! I’m glad we could provide you with some value.

  2. Wow, I never knew that overlooking a leaking pool could affect your monthly water bills and pool hygiene. My friend is planning to invest in an indoor pool next year. I believe this information could come in handy if something similar happens to his pool.

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